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Launch a new LA inspired Italian restaurant concept into the UK with an ‘all eyes on us’ strategy. Get Passo into all where to go, where to eat stories and food roundup’s. Create a trend. Do something stand out.



K&H launched Passo over three days to a network of London’s most influential lifestyle journalists. Passo was subsequently included in every round up and story regarding what’s hot and what’s cool in the months to follow. Passo also featured at the heart of many ‘Carbs Are Back’ stories pitched by K&H, creating a trend. Passo collaborated with Michelin starred LA chef Nancy Silverton of Netflix Chef’s Table fame who created a pop up restaurant in Passo over a week. Passo sold out three times over each night. Press features on the collaboration included ES Magazine, Stylist and Metro. The founders of Passo were also profiled in a Monocle podcast about their rise to fame.